An estimated 8million women in the UK suffer from hair loss and it doesn’t matter what age you are the sheer trauma and distress it causes is harrowing to say the least.

Here at Creative Hair Studio we fully understand the sensitive nature of hair loss and we leave no stone unturned in providing you with a truly bespoke hair replacement solution which takes account of your every need.

"There is a social stigma attached to hair loss & going bald.
Hair loss can affect your sensuality and how you perceive yourself.
Some women question whether their partner will still love them, while I've known others become socially reclusive for fear of their hair loss being discovered.”

- Julie McKillop, Alopecia UK spokesman
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Whether you suffer from alopecia, hair loss due to the effects of chemotherapy or hair loss due to general shedding or thinning of the hair, you can be assured that Cynthia at CHS will treat you with the utmost sensitivity and discretion when working with you on your hair replacement solution.

please call for your free consultation at a time convenient to you. where the entire hair replacement procedure from start to finish will be fully explained. You’ll be able to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have about hair loss and hair replacement and whether this solution is right for you. Your welfare is our number one concern and we make it our business to ensure you are 100% comfortable during every step of the process.

For information about hair replacement systems for women and to discuss your requirements in total confidence call today on 0203 624 3950 or Shop Online Here.

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